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Fast dusty laps made for an exciting weekend of downhill racing at Stevens Pass Bike Park. More photos and race report at Pinkbike here.

Lucas Chalcraft bombing down Slingshot Wookie during his NW Cup race run.

Bailey Villalovos racing at Stevens Pass Bike Park.

Michael Duft and his mountain bike go down on Sunday's race at Stevens Pass Bike Park.

Samuel Stevenson making turns on Slingshot Wookie.

Luke Strobel boosting his blue Evil Bike on P.B.R. at Stevens Pass Bike Park during the NW Cup.

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NW Cup # 5 at Stevens Pass. See the full write-up at Pinkbike here.

NW Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Race at Stevens Pass

Trailside Heckling at NW Cup 2014

Downhill Practice Lap at Stevens Pass

Mountain Bike Crash at Stevens Pass During the 2014 NW Cup

NW Cup Mountain Bike Race Run at Stevens Pass


© 2014 Eric Ashley