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The inaugural Cascadia National Enduro Championship brought riders together for two days of intense mountain biking. More photos and race report at Pinkbike here.

Kristian Duft racing over a carpet of roots during the 2015 Cascadia National Enduro Championship.

Justin Fernandes pedaling fast on day two of racing.

Carolynn Romaine leaning her bike into the turn at Dry Hill, Port Angeles.

Lars Sternberg sprinting down the mountain bike trail at the Cascadia National Enduro Championship.

Luke Strobel stands atop the Pro Men's Podium with his prototype Evil Bike along with Charlie Sponsel, Lars Sternberg, Neal Strobel, and Naish Ulmer (Pro Men).

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Round two of the 2015 NW Cup returns to Dry Hill for round two. More photos and race report at Pinkbike here.

Charlie Sponsel and Weston Potter putting in practice laps at the NW Cup.

Lucas Chalcraft pops a manual on his Rotec Mountain Bike.

Intense focus from Jill Kintner during her practice run at the NW Cup, Dryhill.

Zach Fraser races down Queen Diamond during the NW Cup. Queen Diamond is a new mountain bike trail at Dry Hill.

Charlie Sponsel sporting a sombrero on the winner's podium at round two of the NW Cup 2015.


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NW Cup 2014 wraps up back at Dry Hill with an unexpectedly dusty race course. Full post at Pinkbike here.

2014 NW Cup Finals at Dry Hill, Port Angeles

Practice Run at Dry Hill During the NW Cup # 6

Downhill Mountain Bike Race Costume at NW Cup

Downhill Mountain Bike Race at Dry Hill

Race Run at the 2014 NW Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Race

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Check out the full coverage of this rain soaked weekend of downhill racing at Pinkbike here.

NW Cup 2014 Down Hill Race at Dry Hill.

NW Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Race

NW Cup 2014 Mountain Bike Race

Mountain Bike Racing at Dry Hill, Port Angeles in the 2014 NW Cup.

NW Cup 2014 Practice Lap at Dry Hill Port Angeles

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